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Mass Breakfast for International Students at Tanta University

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Tanta University organized a mass breakfast for international students of the university yesterday evening in attendance of Prof. Kamal Okasha, University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research; Prof. Mahmoud Shakal, Executive Manager of the Main Center for International Relations and International Students’ Affairs; Prof. Sahar Al-Haggar, Acting Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy; and many academic staff members and employees of the university at the Club of Academic Staff in Sibirbay Campus. Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, affirmed that the breakfast was organized in the context of the efforts exerted by the university to care about international students. He pointed out that these activities strengthen relations, help to exchange cultures among students, and disseminate cordiality and friendship among them. In addition, he commended the efforts exerted by organizers of the mass breakfast.

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