Student sports, cultural and artistic activities

Students participate in many student sports, cultural and artistic activities organized by the University 

Holding a tournament in different team and individual sports for foreign students such as (futsal – volleyball – handball - table tennis – gymnastics –basketball – squash - karate) and abiding by all of the preventive measures against COVID-19.

Organizing a football tournament at the University level (President's Cup) in honor of Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, University President.

Holding training centers in different sports to choose the best students to take part in the University team to represent the University in Egyptian Universities Tournament (Martyr Al Refa'ie)

Holding internal tournament in the following sports (fitness - arm wrestling - speedball)

Organizing road race and bike race at the level of the University

Student Unions

Organizing a union for foreign students at the University level

Preparing and organizing elections for the union at the level of the University 

Forming a council for the union

Organizing HR training courses 

Organizing computer courses

Organizing entrepreneurship courses

Holding symposiums

Artistic Activities

Holding training courses in (singing – music - religious chanting - folklore) to develop students' skills in such fields

Organizing a competition at the level of faculties in the fields mentioned above to determine the first three ranks to be rewarded

Holding a theatrical workshop to train students on acting 

Holding a theatrical festival at the level of faculties

Participating in festivals and apical competitions at the level of Egyptian universities

The Cultural Activities

Holding cultural evenings in the fields of (poetry - short story – novel -information tournament - playwriting)

Holding competitions in memorizing the Holly Qur'an 

Organizing visits to the touristic areas at the level of the University region

Holding competitions in religious chanting

Holding literary workshops on writing

Designing a periodic journal for foreign students to publish their works

Social Activities

Participating in the Permanent Center for Chess Training to develop their technical skills

Organizing a competition of the ideal male and female student for foreign students at the University level

Forming a team of foreign students in chess and holding an apical competition between Egyptian students and foreign students

Involving foreign students in blood donation campaigns which are organized in cooperation with the Regional Blood Bank and the University Blood Bank to train them on voluntary social work

Involving students in charity exhibitions held inside the faculties for the needy students such as (clothes exhibition)

Student Families

First: Religious and Cultural Competitions:

Holding a competition on memorizing the Holly Qur'an

Holding a competition on religious and social research

Second: Artistic Competitions

Photography competition

Painting on glass


Third: Holding the Sports, Artistic, Cultural and Social Festival including:

Sports Activities: (futsal - tug-of-war – table tennis –running) 

Artistic Activities: (photography – painting on glass – drawing)

Cultural and Religious Activities: (Memorizing the holly Qur'an – general information competition – wall magazine – poetry) 

Social Activities: (chess – research on one of the current topics to be submitted earlier for assessment)